Thursday, May 9, 2013

Home from the Hospital

We finally got out of the hospital this afternoon! And it is very good to be back home for the whole family! It was hard being apart like that, on each one of us, even Trev and Gabs at home (a reminder of the painful past). Hopey did not sleep very well last night. She is not well today again. She still has not eaten (it's been two days now of eating nothing). She is having temperature regulation problems and is very warm to touch with red flushed cheeks . . . all the while she is complaining of "freezing!" She does not show a temp though, but acting like a fever. She had some seizure type activity again last evening.

So this morning was busy at the hospital as they drew a whole bunch of blood work before we left. Poor Hopey was not impressed by another poke after finally getting her IV out. So she sported two colourful bandaids today, one on each hand. Hope was complaining of a headache to her neurologist when she stopped by to review the MRI results briefly. (Which by the way, look worse than last May, but they say that is expected as the dead parts of the brain continue to atrophy or shrink. They were not concerned by it.)

Even after returning home today, Hope was just not herself or feeling well. I just finally got her settled to bed not too long ago. She is very tired, not feeling good, not eating, drinking less than yesterday, still has temperature dysregulation issues, and is also just "off," saying funny things that don't make sense and just kinda miserable. She wants me to hold her constantly, which is how I got her to sleep both times today and comforted her after supper until bedtime. I can't say I mind this extra cuddle time at all, but this all has kinda put life on hold for the last two days and Trev and I are feeling the pressure of things needing to be done. Tomorrow is another busy day of appts, back at the hospital and in town for the house. 

We're not sure if this is another unwell bout (even though she hasn't had one this bad for a very long time) or if she's brewing a bug, or if she's just exhausted, overtired and spent from her hospital stay. So we would love to have your prayers covering her and lifting her before our mighty compassionate God while we wait to see what she does. So thankful that we can always turn to Him and rest in Him!

Thank you dear ones for your continued prayers and loving encouragement! You are so loved!!! : )

Our sweet girlie fast asleep in Mommy's arms after returning from the hospital this afternoon. It was a long day!!!
Thank you dear ones for your continued prayers and loving encouragement! You are so loved!!! : )

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