Monday, November 20, 2017

March 2013 -- Fun Hope-ism

We never cease to be amazed at the sense of humour that God has given to Hope, even through her awareness of the daily challenges that she faces.  So it is a great delight for me to continue to share with you what we have coined, Hope-isms!  And as you share in a smile or laugh with us, please also remember with us, that although Hope is beyond special to us as her parents and such a joy to all who know her, the greatest joy is in the God who lovingly created her, fashioned her with uniqueness even in the midst of a severe brain injury, and most importantly is merciful and faithful to do a work in her heart!  May God be glorified in her life now and always!!!

Trev was getting Hope ready for school one morning.  He turned to grab the deodorant to put under her arms, without saying anything to indicate that this was what he was doing.  When he turned around, deodorant in hand, Hope was laying on the her bed with both her arms stretched high above her head, ready for that deodorant!  Trev was surprised and curious as to how she knew that he was grabbing the deodorant and so he asked her a question and received a GREAT answer. . .

Trev:  "Hope, how did you know that I was grabbing the deodorant?  Did you use your sense of smell, your sense of hearing, or your sense of sight?"

Hope (with a big grin on her face):  "Daddy, I used my SENSE OF HUMOUR!!!"

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