Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 28th, 2013 -- All Done!!! God is so good!!!

Excited to share with you that Hope came through the MRI and the Baclofen pump refill procedure with gold stars!!!  Click on "Read More" to continue. . .

God has been so faithful to answer all the many precious prayers that you lifted up to Him on Hope's behalf!  She took a while to wake up and so Trev and I were pretty eager to have our pager go off after almost 2 hours (it was expected to be about an hour).  But when we arrived, we were so thankful to see that Hope was not only starting to wake up, but oriented (although groggy), calm and comfortable!!!  Last time she was so disoriented, crying and upset.  She had already drank a cup of apple juice.  Last time, it took us hours to get her to even take one little sip.  And when we finally got onto the day surgery unit where we will be spending the night, she had a good lunch and wolfed it down. . . she was hungry after not eating all day! 

Hope and Gabs are currently laying beside each other in bed watching a movie together and doing great!  Hope's sats dip slightly every now and then, but this is not concerning and actually very typical of what Hope has always done when monitored since her brain injury.  However now, Hope takes big breaths the second she hears the alarm go off, without anyone saying a word!  She knows!!!  How far God has brought our precious girlie!!!

I have had the joy of running into several of my past nursing co-workers today, and what a joy and treat that has been to catch up and show them how far Hopey has come!  We also took the girls up to visit the wonderful Unit 4 nurses.  And the girls were able to catch the last 45 mins or so of the movie night.  Here's a picture. . .

Hospital movie nights include popcorn and juice!  : )

Gabs and I arrived home not long ago, around 11:30 pm and she is sleeping beside me in bed while I finally finish this post that I started earlier this afternoon!  I forgot how the days at the hospital flew by because there was always something going on, and you rarely got anything accomplished!  Especially if it involves the internet as reception is terrible and the guest wifi is sporadic at best!  : )  Trev texted that Hope had fallen asleep within about 10 mins of us leaving.  Yes. . . Hope chose her daddy to stay overnight with her. . . very strange for this mommy who is used to being the one who stays.  However, Hope was adamant that daddy was stronger and able to carry her to the bathroom down the hallway more easily--it was too hard on mom and so dad needed to be the one to stay!  : )  So thankful for the considerate and compassionate heart that God has given to Hopey!!!  The girls had a hard time saying good bye to each other. . . how close they have continued to grow even through this brain injury recovery journey!  So thankful to the Lord for this!!!

Thank you, dear prayer warriors, for your many notes of encouragement, your precious prayers, and your heart and love for our family!  We are so blessed and God's grace is evident in so many ways in our lives, and one of them is through YOU!  You are so loved!!!

AND. . . a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our American friends and family!  We have so many wonderful memories of Thanksgiving celebrations with loved ones during our time in the USA. . . our family was reminiscing today of the cabin in Georgia and sunny California with dear friends, to the awesome family get togethers in Washington!  So many precious memories and precious people!!!  Love you all!!!

AND. . . most of all, THANK YOU to a very awesome and mighty God full of compassion and grace!!!  We love you so much, Lord Jesus, and thank you for your loving care of our precious girlie today!!!  Celebrating what God has done, and hopeful for what He will yet do in Hope's life!!! 
Romans 15:13

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