Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13, 2015 -- Unexpected Lows

I am so sad and frustrated right now . . . I was almost finished a long post updating you on our family, our Hopey's recovery, and how God is faithful to continue His refining work in our hearts, and due to some strange computer glitch, I lost 90% of it today.  It was a post that I had been working on for an hour or two most nights for the last 10 days, and so I am not able to easily re-type it all out again, especially as I have family from out of town visiting for the next few days, and several major happenings in our church family as well.  So many precious people are inquiring on updates for Hope, and for how to be in prayer for us specifically, and so I am simply going to say that the last two months have been rather hard on our family as a whole.  We are exhausted with little sleep, have battled frequent illness, have ran a crazy non stop schedule, and a plethora of other issues that have left us feeling quite drained and depleted physically and emotionally, and battling discouragement at times.  But even through it all, we have seen God at work, providing the strength, the healing, the comfort, the grace upon grace, often despite our inadequacies and ungrateful hearts.  I'll be honest to say that I don't understand why the Lord would allow this computer glitch to erase what was a very heartfelt transparent share, but most importantly the biblical responses that we know He is teaching us. . . I have shed many tears of frustration and sadness this morning.  However, it seems that in yet another hard circumstance, God is at work . . . I must lean NOT on my own understanding and rather trust Him with ALL my heart, continuing to marinate in His Word while ACKNOWLEDGING Him in all things (including re-writing my message to you), as He continues to work in our hearts and DIRECT our paths in His good and perfect timing.  Proverbs 3:5-6  Thank you for your continued love and prayers, dear ones.  I look forward to walking with the Lord through re-writing and being able to share our struggles, our specific needs for prayer, and most importantly how God is at work in us, all to His glory!  We love you dear ones!!!

Trusting in His Sovereign hand in ALL things!

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