Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 30, 2015 -- Hello Braces!!!

Hope has braces!  As I continue to update you on the last few months for Hope, thought I would start with this fun one. . . well sorta. . . for the most part!  Hope started with an expander back in February, that we turned every day for one month opening her jaw wider.  It then stayed put for the next 2 months, until the end of April when Hope began her newest adventure. . . the next 2 years with braces!

Hope has actually been looking forward to having braces for a long time.  All of her 5 older cousins have had braces, and so she was excited about being next in line!  Braces for Hope mean more than just a pretty smile. . . with the placement of two teeth behind her front teeth, it does impact the clarity of her speech.  Hope is easy to understand for all purposes of conversation.  However with assistive technology, such as a talk to text function, her orthodontist feels that straightening her teeth should make a big difference!  This is exciting in thinking of future options to increase Hope's independence.

So back at the end of April we celebrated Hope's last night prior to braces, with her choice of meal. . . she picked Southern biscuits, gravy, bacon and eggs!  We had supper on the back deck, which made our food kinda cold and not quite as appetizing, but it was fun none-the-less!  Here is a picture of Hope's last pre-braces meal. . .

 And her pre-braces smile. . . 

Hope did well with the long appointment to have the braces put on.  She has an excellent orthodontist and assistant that are super gentle and patient as they slowly constructed her new blue smile. . . yes, she chose blue to start with. . . she is super excited about the colour options!  Here are some pictures of her big day. . .

All ready to go!!!

Working hard!!!

All done!!!  

Introducing Hope's new BLUE smile!!!

Back at school, feeling good, and looking good!!!

Later that evening at home. . . not feeling so good!!!  Thanks Grandma for the frozen fruit juice sticks. . . they work great for numbing really sore gums, teeth, and jaws!

Hope had about a week of pretty sore gums and teeth.  Even sucking on a straw to drink hurt very bad, which made taking her twice daily anti-seizure med pretty hard on her.  But, she was a trooper!  She didn't eat for a couple days and we used lots of ice to help relieve the discomfort.  We thank the Lord for His grace that it was just a few weeks earlier (before braces) that Hope's back and neck pain really turned a corner in healing.  So we are very thankful that the pain sources didn't overlap!  God is merciful!!!  After the gum and teeth soreness settled a bit, Hope struggled for another few weeks with really bad sores in her mouth from rubbing on the braces.  But she got through it, and all had settled by the time of her next appointment 6 weeks later (mid June).  They added a spring to make room for her last tooth that is finally trying to come in with the extra space, and they tightened the wires.  She only had two days of discomfort and then was back to business!  Here are some pictures from this orthodontist visit. . . 

Hope has done really well with these appointments and it is such a great reminder of how far God has brought her since her brain injury in Dec 2011.  The orthodontist is wonderful and Hope is quite fond of all the terrific staff there!

I love this picture of her chill-axing while the sweet ortho assistant works away!  Again what a praise to our awesome God!  NOTHING is impossible for Him!!!

And finally here is the new color she chose for her newest sweet smile. . .

TURQUOISE!!!  Of course, her favorite color!  So now when I share more updates with pictures, I won't spoil the surprise of Hope's lovely turquoise and silver smile!

We love our sweet Hopey's smile!!!

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  1. Glad to see your sweet Hope get her first set of braces! On the topic of discomfort, though, I’ll give you a few tips: ibuprofen is an excellent remedy to minimize the swelling. Furthermore, you can have her eat soft foods for the meantime until the braces stop hurting. Hope this helps!

    Sharon Woods @ Fall Spark Dentistry