Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16, 2015 -- Hope Proclaims

Finally a note from Hope in response to all your sweet birthday messages. . . 

Thank you very much for all the wonderful birthday responses!  I liked all your messages.  They were really nice!  Thank you also for praying for me!  God has done miracles in me and in my life, and He works wonders!  I'm thankful that I'm still alive and that He's still helping me move along the path to know Him more.  I love that God is an awesome God and full of power!  Many loves and thank you's from Hope Peacock!  Good bye!


  1. Love this post! Happy God brought you into my path to pray for! e has done GREAT miracles in your life and I am blessed He has used you as a witness to doctors who thought you would not survive-let alone THRIVE!! Your a very loved child of his!

  2. That post is from Irene Burks-Hope! Couldn't figure out how to comment on your post! :)