Sunday, December 25, 2016

December 25, 2016 -- Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Just a quick note to say how much we love and appreciate each one of you and your continued love and prayers for our sweet girlie, and our family!  You are such a blessing to us!!!  We pray that each one of you had a blessed Christmas celebration today and as you continue this week into the New Year, that you would know and be reminded daily of the precious gift of our Saviour who came to earth so that sinners might be reconciled to God, as they believe, repent, and call upon the name of Jesus!  We love you and praise God for each one of you, dear ones!  You are so loved!!!

P.S.  Hope started feeling unwell this afternoon, on Christmas Day.  She started running a fever and feeling pretty crummy as the day continued.  She stated several times today that her chest has been burning, and we're not sure exactly where that symptom is coming from.  Please pray that whatever illness she has will pass quickly and that it will not cause any seizures, especially with the fever.  She hasn't had a fever since the acute infection she had in the surgical site after her Baclofen pump was removed in April 2014.  She has been a sweet cuddly girl today and thankful we can enjoy the gift that she is, even when she's feeling so lousy!  Thank you dear ones!

Family Picture Taken June 2016 at our Nephew's Graduation!

We have not been good at getting family pictures over the last few years . . . we'll have to get better at that . . . so we were thankful for this opportunity, and it was fun to try a first family picture minus Hope's wheelchair!  She was a little stressed about standing with only support from her daddio, as you can see the tension in her shoulders, but it turned out pretty good, none the less!  Thanks dear Auntie Leanne for arranging this!!!


  1. Merry Christmas. What a beautiful photo.

  2. Love it and all of you also--Blessed Christmas! Irene