Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cupcake Celebration

We had a wonderful cupcake celebration tonight!!! Thank you Katie Flury for your most delicious cupcakes! They were a big hit!!! Hope's G-tube removal went fairly well today. . . it's gone!!! Hope was super brave and opted to have it yanked out (the flange on the inside securing her tube was about the size of a nickel and her G-tube track or hole is about the size of a pencil. . . so it is quite uncomfortable). She wanted it ALL gone! Sadly the first yank did nothing. And even more sad, the second harder yank snapped the tubing and the flange stayed inside. They did their best to check and make sure that the flange didn't lodge in the G-tube track, and they think that it did not, but we will need to watch it closely that it heals properly indicating that they are right. There are other possible complications (although not common, as some people do opt to cut the tube to avoid the pain of yanking it out). The flange will now need to work it's way out of the body. Complications can be that it gets stuck in her gut somewhere and needs to be surgically removed, or the scarier one is that if she throws up and the flange is still in her stomach, it could become lodged in her esophagus and cause an airway obstruction. With Hope's whooping cough still present, she has thrown up a couple times this week.
Prayer Requests
Please pray for her safety and that none of these complications will occur for her. . . that the flange will pass safely and quickly! Hope was quiet all morning before the tube was removed and since she has been super chatty and smiley. . . she's pretty excited to have the tube gone! She like to put her hand over the bandage and feel her "flat" tummy! Well, besides the "hockey puck" or ITB pump. . . but that will be another story. . . : ) Thank you so much for all the encouraging notes and prayers and pictures!!! How fun to have celebrated with people across Canada and the United States!!! May God be praised, for He is good!!! As a sweet friend sent me earlier today. . . "TASTE and see that the Lord is good!" You are loved dear friends and family!!! : )

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