Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hello dear praying friends! I have been wanting to send an update for quite some time but this month has been very very full for us in many respects. I have much to update you on and praise God for seeing us through a difficult month for our family. Prayerfully I'll have the chance to write a more thorough update soon, as well as start a blog site for those who are not on Facebook. But we do have a current request for prayer for Hope that I will just quickly share. . . we are currently travelling with her as we just finished attending the Harvest Pastor's and. Wives Conference in Orlando, Florida. She has had some health concerns since being down here, but today it got worse when she started running a high fever and has a bad cough. She is not feeling well and insomnia has set in again. She has been having other concerns as well such as not drinking/eating and refusing her important seizure medication. We have tomorrow to get packed up and ready to travel home and then spend all day Friday travelling home. She had a seizure on the plane on our way down and now with being so sick, we are concerned about her and the extra stress on her if still sick on Friday. Would you please pray that Hope will recover quickly from this virus bug and be much better before Friday morning travels? Gabi had a fever and was very sick on the weekend here but thankfully it only lasted 2 days. . . praying the same for Hope!!! It is 3 am here and Hope is still awake lying in bed. . . I am waiting to make sure she is able to finally go to sleep ok. Thank you dear prayer warriors! We are very thankful for you!!! You are so loved!!!

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