Sunday, March 3, 2013


Okay here is another quick post on Hope's current condition and response to last weekend's prayer request. . . 

Thank you sooooo much for praying with us last Sunday for Hope to exit the "unwell bout" that she was in and start eating/drinking again! God gracious hand brought her out of it later that afternoon, when she started to eat/drink, communicate and such again! We were so thankful to avoid another long stretch such as the 9 day one the week before! Hope did pretty good eating and drinking the rest of the week. . . however, she went back into another "unwell bout" yesterday morning. She has not eaten or drank anything for 48 hours now and again looks physically unwell. She is very quiet and non-communicative again as well, and as hard as I worked today to try to ask her different questions about what she's feeling during these times, she just does not or cannot seem to answer me.

Prayer Request
Trev and I will be trying to contact the Barrow Institute in Phoenix this week to look into whether they may be able to shed any further light on these "unwell bouts" that Hope has so often. Please pray for us as we do this and that The Lord will lead and direct and grant wisdom to those we talk to on how best to proceed and if this will be an avenue worth pursuing.

Thank you dear ones for your continued prayers! You are so very loved and appreciated by the Peacock flock! : )

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