Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Hello dear prayer warriors, sweet family and cherished friends!  We wanted to take a minute today to send a very Merry Christmas note!  Our family has been so very blessed by the outpouring of prayers and support over the past two years!  We are continually humbled by the grace that God lavishes over us through each and every one of you as you join us in this journey that God has lovingly and Sovereignly ordained for our precious girlie, Hope . . . and so each one of us too, as God continues His work in and though her story!!!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts dear ones!

We had the special privilege to go to the Alberta Children's Hospital yesterday and take treats for the Unit 4 nurses and staff, as well as the ICU doctors and staff.  They were thrilled to see Hope and the progress from the last time they would have seen her. . . we were thrilled to share God's power and compassion to heal and His sustaining grace with each of them!  We also took some special items and treats to pass out to some children/families in the hospital over Christmas, remembering very well our Christmas in the hospital. God was so good to give us the opportunity to pray with three different families who were struggling through the shocking new circumstances in their child's health and wellness. Tears were shed and we were so blessed to share the comfort of God with them that we have also been comforted with!  What a great and good God to allow us this privilege to minister to these precious suffering people!  What a tremendous way to celebrate and remember how far God has brought Hope over the past two years. The girls were a special part of the visits as well and people loved to hear her story--well a brief version!  : )  Please join us in continuing to pray for these families of Aiden, Sam, and Alexa!  May the love of God to send His only son, Jesus Christ, to be our Saviour, be evident to them even through their disappointment and pain and at this time of year where we celebrate Christ's birth and coming to earth for God's great plan of salvation!!!

Dear ones, you are so very loved!!!  We love you indeed, but so much greater is the love of Christ for you!  He humbled Himself to come as a Servant to save us!!!  May this truth change your life forever and may you be so very blessed this Christmas as you celebrate the real meaning of Christmas. . . the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ!!

Merry Christmas from Hope!!!  : )

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