Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11, 2014 -- Hope Proclaims

It has been too long since my last entry for Hope Proclaims. . . I'm sorry for that!  I want to get better at sharing these with you more often.  Thankful that God continues to pour grace over me, a definite "work in progress!"

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This post will be a message from Hope.  I am planning to start also sharing various random things that Hope says/does, just to share how God is at work in and through her.  Trevor and I both feel that the BIGGEST miracle of all. . .and there have been a lot of miracles in Hope's life already. . . is the work that God has done in her heart!  He has given her a deep love for the Lord, and an excellent understanding of, as well as softness to, spiritual matters.  Also, He has given her the ability to know right from wrong, repent when she is in sin, and to choose to obey out of a heart motivation of love for her Saviour and God!!!  It is often humbling, convicting, encouraging, and beyond precious what will come from her mouth, and thus her heart!  Her dad and I have seen the fruit of the deep faith and love for the Lord that God has placed in her heart. . . she trusts Him explicitly. . . what a treasured gift for a little girl who lives every day without sight, mobility, and independence!  Her life will never be the same; it will most likely never be "normal" again. . . but because of who lives inside her and because He is in control of every detail and lovingly weaving His plan for her life, her life will be extraordinary!  As her parents, we have one request. . . that this extraordinary life will be for one purpose. . . to glorify God!  We could hope for nothing greater for our Hope, than to glorify God by leaving a mark on this world in pointing people to the hope we have in Christ.

I was asked to participate in a session at Harvest University where a group of Harvest pastor's wives shared their cardboard testimony.  On one side we wrote something that depicted our pain, trial or struggle and on the flip side we shared how Christ has redeemed that in our lives.  My cardboard testimony was centred on Romans 15:13. . .

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope."

My cardboard testimony read. . .

Side One:

Side Two:

This is why we are excited to share Hope's messages with you. . . so that as you read them, you can be drawn to the God of hope at work in and through her, and gratefully abound in hope because of what Christ has done for us on the cross. . . we must proclaim the hope of Christ to a lost world. . . it is the ONLY hope that SAVES!!!  And if you do not currently have this hope, we would love to share with you how you too, can abound in hope because of Jesus Christ and how He saves sinners!  Contact us anytime through Hope's blog or facebook group page, or email

And now. . . Hope's message. . . there is an older one from October that I forgot to post and then one from today!

October 8th, 2013
"I need prayer for reading and that I'll see again one day.  And I need prayer that I will walk one day again. I have a fantastic turquoise bedroom, which I love!  McKee homes, they made our bedroom for us, and they made it special for us.  When my dad first brought me into the room, I saw the turquoise walls!  And they bought me a turquoise lantern for me and Gabby, and they bought me a turquoise fan. . . How cool!

I love the Bible in so many ways!  My dad is a pastor, And I love him, and I also love the Bible because of it's awesome words!  I am memorizing the sermon on the mount that Jesus spoke.  I love knowing about my savior who preached on the mountain.  Jesus is the perfect one and these verses make me want to be more like him. 

I can spell aerodynamics. Here goes…a – E – R – o - DY - na-mi-cs."
Love, Hope
Here is a video of Hope reciting the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5:1-10 for you!

And now a recent message from today, January 11th, 2014. . .
Hello everybody!  How was your Christmas?  And what was your favorite present, I'm wondering?  Mine was American Girl Doll stuff!  Christmas is my favorite story about Jesus Christ coming to earth and doing miracles and dying on the cross for us, so we can not live in sin and that we don't have to go to hell and that we can go to Heaven instead!  For those of you who don't know what Heaven is, it was the place that Jesus was before He was birthed from Mary, and where Jesus is right now.

Will you pray that God will heal my back so that I don't have to get back surgery.  And will you pray that my eyes will see again and that I will walk again.  And will you pray that my ribs will stop hurting.

Mrs. Chioma, from our church, came and visited last night with her family.  She gave me her sparkly turquoise bracelet because it's my favourite colour and I love it!  She was a blessing to me!  Thank you Mrs. Chioma!!!

Thank you people on my blog.  I love you all.  Goodnight!  Good bye for now!

Love, Hope


  1. "thy Word have I hid in my heart" what joy and comfort I'm sure these Words bring to Hope as God recalls them to her memory when she needs them! Praying for you Hope! Love Irene

  2. Hope you are a beautiful girl and you have inspired so many. You have encouraged me to get back to memorizing! Thanks so much girlie!