Friday, April 25, 2014

April 25, 2014 -- Please Pray!!! In the ER!!!

Hello all!  Just have an urgent request for prayer as Hope developed a sudden serious infection today.  These are the text updates sent to family so far. . .

4:30 pm -- Hope is in the ER right now. She came home early from school this am after being totally fine in the am. She was in excruciating pain, feeling nauseous, and some very slight redness at the surgical/seroma site. She deteriorated quickly with throwing up, climbing fever & chills. So after a bunch of calls to neuro surg cause everyone is gone on Fridays of course, were told to come into the hospital to have her site assessed. We arrived at about 3:45 pm and were taken right in. She was very sick and getting worse quickly. Her site had become much more red and started to track up her chest indicating risk of infection in the blood. Her heart rate was very high and temp way high as well and blood pressure unstable. They have given her an IV bolus and are running another one now trying to bring her blood pressure to a better level. Just decided to do another litre bolus now (3 litres total) to make sure she's improving and not going to need some more help to stabilize. She is also on her second antibiotic now and blood cultures have been sent. The neuro surg resident just came to see her surgical site. It has stopped progressing so that is good news but she is consulting the team right now and deciding whether surgery is necessary.  Hope has had an IV started and although very upsetting she was so incredibly brave but she now has to have two more pokes in the next bit as they prepare her for potential surgery. Appreciate your prayers. She stopped throwing up a couple hours ago since we arrives here so that's good. A dose of ibuprofen 2 hrs ago has finally brought her temp down and she's still super hot and having chills and icy cold extremities. Rather than white pale like earlier, she's beet red but a bit better than an hour ago. This is acute and emergent for sure but she is seeming to go in the right direction and we're where we need to be. She's just not going as fast as they would like to see so she's being treated as acute still. Love you all and will keep you posted!

6:30 pm -- It's gonna be a long night. For sure they will need to drain her seroma wound tonight and may need to be done in the OR but will not be for a few hours yet. Just assessed by the ICU doc (one of our old favorites!). She thinks she won't need to go to the ICU as she's stabilized but her temp is starting to climb again. So the ICU doc said that she would be following her closely and take her immediately if things changed. Otherwise to the regular unit after surgery. Love to you all and thank you for the prayers!  

7:45 pm -- She is looking like a puffy little muffet after receiving 3 litres of fluid so quickly! but her vital signs and cap gas are better. Her heart rate is still very fast though. And her MAP (number taken from blood pressure) remains up and down but still better than before.  So we're waiting on an ultrasound of the seroma and then the neuro surg team will decide best way to drain via needle or surgical re opening of her wound.  Crossmatch done for blood transfusion if necessary. She looks and feels better.  Had a bit more warmth to extremities so good too!  Being amazing with now THREE pokes total in last couple hours!!!  : ) 
We prayed before the IV and she was unbelievable for how still she held and practiced self control. Then had another two pokes for different bloodwork and just did outstanding!  God is so gracious to give her strength and courage for one of her biggest fears!  She amazes us!  Scary how fast this came on and another reason they are watching her closely and will continue IV antibiotics as well as drain or surgically remove infection. She'll have a drain inserted and left this time for sure!  We made sure!  Ultrasound  will give more detail but being a Friday night there is a skeleton staff an so long waits for all. And a very sick kiddies in ICU will go into surgery before Hope. Praying that the IV fluid blouses will hold her stable and antibiotics will keep infection at bay until they are able to make decision of what to do and then able to do it. Thanks so much to all for your prayers!!!  

I will continue to keep you updated as we know how The Lord will lead from here. We are SOOO very thankful that The Lord laid on our hearts to still bring her into hospital as we first thought she just had the same tummy bug that I had earlier this week. We didn't get her here none too early as this infection came on very quickly and progressed very quickly.    Even though we had a couple scary hours, she is more stable and praying that she will continue this way until they are able to drain her infection.  Thank you dear prayer warriors. We are so thankful for the many who are so faithful to keep us in prayer and follow our little girlie!  : )

You are loved!


  1. Just read. Am praying and will continue to do so. MUCH love to you, Heather.

  2. Hm... I've been following what updates I can through a Facebook friend. I'm praying for Hope.

  3. I am praying for Hope. She is a strong girl!