Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1, 2014 -- Going Home Soon, Prayerfully!!!

Hope is doing good today and it looks like we are going to get to go home.  Here's what's going on. . .

Hope had another good night sleep.  : )  Yeah!!!

She is feeling much better, and looking much better. . . again. . . YEAH!!!  Praising the Lord for the turn around of the last couple days! 

They switched Hope to an antibiotic taken by mouth instead of IV around 10 am this morning.  She seemed to have a possible reaction to the oral antibiotic shortly later with a bright red splotchy really itchy rash.  So, they have switched to a different antibiotic, and now we are waiting to make sure she doesn't react to this one.  She is just starting to complain of an itchy back again, and there is a slight rash again, but no redness like last time.  It's all in the same area, as well.  So I think they're going to be okay with it.  She did get a dose of Benadryl after the other rash and had a LONG sleep this afternoon as a result!  I think it might be a late night for our Miss Hope!

We have follow up appointments that will be made with both Neuro-Surgery and Infectious Disease Clinics, and a follow up ultrasound of the hematoma area towards the end of the 15 day course of antibiotics that Hope will finish off now.  Hope's wound is sealing off and healing already, and so it has stopped draining the hematoma site.  There did seem to be a bit of swelling re-accumulating this afternoon that the nurses, doctor and I noted, and it was a little more tender again.  So we will need to watch her closely, but again, they are okay for us to go ahead and go home!

The bacteria that was found in the fluid of Hope's hematoma is a bad one, and we have been told by both public health and infectious disease that we need to both watch Hope, as well as ourselves for any further signs of infections over the next 30 days.  There was talk of giving the whole family antibiotics for prevention purposes, but since they are not considering Hope's infection severe (as in life-threatening), they are not going to have us do this, which is quite fine with us!

So, we are getting ready around me typing this.  Already packed and ready to go. . . just waiting on Hope's IV to come out . . . okay, took a little break and it's out!!!  Thank you so much to everyone for all your displays of love through prayers, notes of encouragement, visits, meals and more!!!  We are so blessed by each and everyone of you.  You can continue to pray for:

**Hope to not have any re-occurring infection.
**Hope's hematoma to not swell up again, to resolve and heal.
**Hope to not have any further reactions to the antibiotic.
**For wisdom for doctors, Hope and us as we continue to pray over if/when Hope will have her back surgery. . . the hospital stays of the last 2 weeks do make this upcoming surgery feel like a gloomy cloud.  However, we also recognize that God is sovereign over this and will give us peace as to what His plan is for Hopey's life and future, including this scary surgery, hospital stay, and recovery!

You are very loved, dear ones!!!

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