Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3, 2014 -- Thank You for Your Prayers!!!

Just wanted to give you a quick update and huge thank you for everyone who continues to keep our girlie in prayer. . .

Last night was very scary for us, as Hope added another symptom that we had not seen before.  However, by God's grace, Hope slept until 10 am this morning!!!  So after a good night sleep, she woke feeling a lot better.  She had her speech back this morning, not 100%, but much improved.  She described the difficulty she was still having this morning as harder to both think and say the word she wanted, so her speech was slower than usual, but only the occasional slurred word.  We were relieved!  If her speech deteriorates again, we will take her in to the hospital.

She also had a few myoclonic jerk movements this morning, but those also improved as the day went on.  After a day of minimal lights/stimulation, lots of rest and taking it easy, she is much more herself tonight.

She does continue to have itchy rash breakouts at least once a day, that seems to be after taking her antibiotic, but it's not getting worse.  She also had occasional complaints of dizziness and nausea. . . thinking also related to the antibiotic.  The sensation of itching is very uncomfortable for Hope and can drive her quite "batty!"  We are wondering if the physical exhaustion from this past long few weeks, battling infection, as well as this annoying constant itchiness of the last couple days is all just really taxing her brain and affecting her neurologically in the symptoms of seizures, jerks, and this new deteriorated speech. 

Everything in Hope's life takes concentrated effort for her to do (very unlike all the things we do without even thinking!).  As her recovery continues to progress, that need to make a concentrated effort in each small task decreases. . . praise the Lord for this healing work He continues to do in her!  However, when she is sick or tired or unwell in any way, that need for a concentrated effort to do even the simplest task comes rushing back.  This time it seemed to affect her speech, which again is a new one for her.  Such "stroke-like" symptoms though still get your heart pounding and the concern rising, as we don't want to get in the rut of always attributing everything to Hope's brain injury. . . however, it will always be a fact and necessary to consider in how we approach Hope's mysterious symptoms that arise!  Makes the wisdom and discernment that the Lord gives, in answer to your many prayers, such a treasure for us indeed!!!

Her hematoma looked okay today and seemed less swollen again, so it looks as though it is healing. . . so thankful!  Hope spent some time laying on her tummy today and said it felt really good to not have the pump there anymore!

We are still praying about how long to keep her with low stimulation and extra rest . . . please pray for wisdom for us in that regard.  She was still asking to go to bed tonight early, which is quite unusual for our typical "night owl!"  So we feel that sleep is the best medicine for our girlie right now.  Thank you so much, dear ones, for your prayers to our faithful God who brought us through a very scary and uncertain night with our girlie, and gave us hope that we made the right decision in not going to the hospital. . . it is hard to know with our limited human knowledge and all the complexities of Hope's medical history from the last two years.  We are so incredibly thankful for His continued leading when there is nothing else in which to trust. . . He is always faithful to lead!

Proverbs 3:5-6
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." 

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