Saturday, September 7, 2013

August 22, 2013. . . Tent Trampoline Backyard Family Campout!!!

We had our first tent trampoline backyard family campout back on Aug 22nd, before it got too cold at night!  We had a great time, and thought you'd enjoy some of the pictures and videos of our precious family time together!   There are videos of Hope telling a "ghost" story and then praying before bed at the end.  Thought you'd enjoy hearing her voice!  Click on the "Read More" to continue. . .

  Trev was not hopeful that we would all last ALL night in the tent trampoline. . . but we have true "campers" at heart and they indeed lasted all night!  Although mom and dad were freezing, the girls were toasty warm!!!  And we think we've figured out a few more tricks to make sure that next time, mom and dad will be toasty warm too!  :)  Praising the Lord for His cherished gift of fun family time with these two precious girls and again a massive thank you to the family, that chooses to remain unnamed, for the excellent gift that they blessed our family with in this super duper cool tent trampoline!!!

Cooking a hot dog for supper, of course!

Long shot, so you can see the tent trampoline in the back corner!

Nothing else but Hope's very favourte for dessert. . . SMORES!!!  Yum!!!  She ate THREE!!!

Getting tucked into our trampoline tent for the night!  Daddy looks like he's already asleep,
 Gabs is doing her usual. . . a funny pose for the camera, and Hope is just plain thrilled!!!

Our two precious girlies. . . snuggly sisters!!!
Hope and Gabi LOVE tent trampoline backyard family campouts!!!

Here is the video of Hope telling her "ghost" story about two sisters named Hope and Gabi, who spoke different languages, fainted alot, and laughed and giggled alot!  Notice Gabs wanted to hold the flashlight for Hope, to make the ghost story more "scary!"  Hee hee!!!

And here is the final video of Hope praying before bedtime. . . I missed the first few seconds. . . sorry!  She started by praying for the two children that her past Grade 4 teacher, Miss Oostra, who is a missionary teaching in Africa, told Hope and her class about this past June.  They're names are Timothy and Manzi.  Timothy's father got sick and died suddenly over this past spring break.  Manzi does not know the Lord as her Saviour yet and is Hindu.  Pastor Timothy is a Harvest Bible Chapel pastor in Nepal!  Her little cousin, Ethan, had an abscessed tooth.  Her grandma's horse had a leg infection.  She prayed also for three babies in our church that are all teething.  Her grandma had a broken toe slowly healing.  And finally she has been praying for the dear families of two precious people that have gone to Heaven, Bryce Powers (suffered a severe traumatic and anoxic brain injury) and baby Hope Koslowski (born with a severe heart defect).  Hopefully this helps you to understand what she's praying about better!  Praise the Lord for the heart He has given Hope, and her awareness that He not only listens to our prayers, but answers them in mighty ways, bringing all glory, honour, and praise to His deserving name!!!

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  1. Thank you again for sharing. It is such a blessing to see the girls together and hear their laughter. I am so pleased with how much Hope is talking and how clear her speech is. She has such a compassionate heart. Amy just shared some exciting news on facebook that you may want to check out. Love you all. God's richest blessings on your family.