Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sept 2, 2014 -- Hope is in the OR Getting Set Up for Surgery

Well here begins the start of a lot of updates, which we will try to do as often as we can throughout this journey and especially as needs and prayer requests arise.

We arrived at hospital at 6:45 this morning and we all had a little time with Hope on the day surgery unit before Dad and Mom accompanied her into the OR holding room and then kissed her goodbye.

Here are some pictures. . . 

Hope getting her hair braided for surgery by her Auntie Kelley last night after her 5th and final pre-op bath scrub.  Won't miss those!!!  : )
Hope gets warmed under the "bear hugger" warming blanket while daddy reads Scripture to her.  She's a captive audience for her two favorite fellas. . . her daddy and her Heavenly Father!

The stack that always makes us smile.  Hope's condensed files!!!  What a story this girlie has with this hospital!!!

A final time of prayer.  Uncle Steven prayed over Hope right before she left with the porter and Dad and Mom for the OR holding area.

Gabi saying good bye to her big sister.  Gabs was pretty quiet this morning and was quite concerned for Hope and feeling sad about all that she is about to go through.  God has filled that Gabi girl's heart with lots of compassion and we sure love her and are thankful for her!!!

Gabi's first day of school picture this year is a lot different for sure. . . they're going in very different directions. . . but I love those precious smiles none the less!  Notice that sparkly totally cool bling back pack, sweet Stotz family!!! : )

Sweet kisses from a sweet sister indeed!!!

Kissing this precious girlie good bye was heart-wrenching, terrifying, and so very hard!  I'm so thankful that I didn't leave her alone. . . she has her very best friend (her Saviour) with her and the One who is most able and willing to take the very best care of her (her Heavenly Father)!

 Just before they wheeled Hope into the OR, she told me that she was still praying, believing, and hoping that God would heal her back, even as the doctor's cut open her back, that it would straighten in front of their eyes.  So I asked her if she would still love God if she woke up with the surgery done and her back forever altered, and she replied, "Yes, I will!" with a big smile on her face.  How I love that girl!!!

And away she went. . . 

The OR nurse came out at about 10:00 am to tell us that all the lines had been put in (IV, spinal monitoring, skull/knee traction, intubation, etc.) and the spinal or epidural has been done, so surgery is now underway.  She said that Hope was really delightful and that she was calm and just fine before she fell asleep.  I am so thankful for the calm peace that God fills her with, even though I know she is also terrified inside. . . it doesn't show. . . and that's God at work answering your many prayers on her behalf!

The OR nurse will come back out at noon and give us another update.  I will post something again then.

Thank you dear ones, for walking this journey alongside us!  We are blessed beyond measure to have such a powerhouse of prayer, near and far, lifting us up to our faithful God!

You are loved!!!

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