Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hello dear praying friends and family! I had grand hopes of getting an overview of where things are at with some recent pictures. . . that will have to wait a little longer as our Hopey is still sick and we are concerned. I would rather get a quick update out so you can be praying for her current needs.

Let me give you, first, a couple really awesome praises as we never want to be lax in giving God the praise He is due and sharing it with you, so you can praise Him too!
First, Hope over the last 6 weeks has seen a dramatic increase in her ability to communicate! A few have been able to witness this delight as she spoke in full sentences and threw in some jokes, sang us songs about the things she loves about us, and was more able to share how she felt, what she would like to eat and do, and when she feels unwell, as well as what her care needs were! It was awesome!!! It allowed us to meet her needs so much better! It allowed Hope and Gabi to connect more as the sisters and buddies they've always been. It allowed us to understand her, her feelings, thoughts and struggles better! It allowed us to understand her condition better! It was awesome and we are so thankful to the Lord for that amazing and miraculous healing in Hope's recovery. . . it just happened with no explanation as to why. . . she hasn't had speech therapy for months now! Secondly, we saw the joyful, loving, compassionate, playful, funny little girl we once knew Hope to be starting to emerge. . . again, it was awesome!!! She was more interactive. It was obvious that God was answering the faithful prayers of so many asking for these very things to be restored!!! We know that you will join us in praising God for His great works and great merciful hand over Hope's life!!!

Currently, for the past 8 days however. . . we are honestly not sure what is wrong with our sweet Hope, just that she is not thriving and not happy. She states she doesn't feel well, often complaining of headaches, sharp eye pain, upset burning tummy, etc. She is quiet, unable or unwilling to communicate as she was so amazingly doing just over a week ago. She is refusing to eat or drink most of the time, and is certainly not eating enough to maintain her weight. She is often refusing her med. . . after a couple mini seizures today, we finally had to yet again force it down the back of her throat with a syringe to try to prevent her from spitting all of it out. . . she does not get the whole dose as she does spit out some. . . it is not pleasant at all. She is losing abilities that she once had. She is weak and looks unwell. She is starting to exhibit some new unhealthy behaviours that we do not completely understand and they show the stress that her body and mind are under. She had three major seizures the end of last week as this downward trend started. She has talked about wanting to die. It is heart-wrenching to watch her suffer and have no answers and no help for her!!! Due to the nature of her brain injury, Hope can have a bad day or two here and there, and we are very used to that. However this elongated time, that does not seem to be anywhere close to ending, is another story. At her already worn state and lower weight, Hope's body really cannot tolerate much more of this.

We have been trying to pour even more into her spiritually, recognizing that this is also an area of struggle for her as she deals with her drastically different condition. A dear friend is taping daily devotionals and messages for her to listen to, as well as what we are doing. Please pray with us that God will use His Word to sink into her heart and once again become a place of refuge for her, a source of encouragement and hope for her, and a motivation to trust and love the Lord with all her heart.

We are trying many different things to try to get anything into her, as well as different approaches with administering her medication. Please pray that God will give us wisdom of new things to try or consistency with current things we're doing that will best maximize her intake of food, fluids, and medication.
Please pray that the Lord would give doctors wisdom if there is anything that can be done for her. . . is this brain injury, chemical/hormonal imbalances, medication changes as they continue to decrease her pump rate (she's down to 250--from 800 in Sept!) and increase her seizure med dose, emotional struggles, physical sickness, spiritual warfare, or something else no one has thought of yet. . . or a combination of several of these things???

Most of all, we ask for prayer for God's sustaining grace to continue to rest on our family, holding us up when we are weak and spent physically and emotionally. We ask for prayer for His miraculous hand of healing on Hope and these serious health concerns. We desire to keep our eyes fixed on the Author and Perfector of our faith, knowing that He is doing just that, even more so through these dark and discouraging days. Hebrews 12:1-2 We desire our daughters to grow in their faith and trust in God, especially as they walk these storms of life. "Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him for the help of His presence." Psalm 42:5

Thank you to our many wonderful prayer warriors! We look forward to praising God with you for all that God has done and will yet do!!! He is always able and always faithful!!! You are so very loved, dear ones!!!

Lotsa love and prayers,
Trevor, Heather, Hope and Gabi : )

P.S. Quick update. . . Trev and I just gave Hope her second dose of med for today. We tried a new thing the last two nights. . . we waited until she was asleep and then sat her up and offered her med in a drink while she was still half asleep. And although it didn't work last night, it did tonight!!! Thank you Lord!!! : )

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