Monday, February 18, 2013


We are praising The Lord for the last 24 hours! Hope started to eat yesterday late afternoon and has been doing much better since! Eating, drinking, taking meds, generally happy, talking more and interactive with us. We are SO thankful to The Lord for His merciful Hand over us and Hope's life! And we are so thankful for a gracious God that delights to answer the prayers of His precious children! I always think of the mothers in third word countries that will watch their children starve to death from lack of food, when I'm watching Hope during these hunger strikes. I then thank The Lord that at least we have food to offer her.

And then when she eats that first meal, I think of those mothers again and how they must feel such elation if they have the joy of seeing their child eat. . . just as we do at that moment. Even if just that once, you're heart sings in praise to God, knowing that the future is always uncertain and we don't know what the next hour, let alone tomorrow holds. You just praise and thank God that they had that meal! I have grown a heart for those dear mothers, that even as we live in a very different part of the world with very different access to necessary resources. . . for which we must never take for granted--the generous provision of our Great God that we have in North America. . . even still, we share some of the same heartaches as I watch my child not eat or barely drink for days on end, and some of the same mercies of God's grace when they do! It keeps my heart thankful even in the midst of great concern for Hope's health and well-being. And my heart aches for those dear mothers, as I lift them up in prayer for the atrocities of our sinful unjust fallen world that they and their children will endure. As always, the comfort and joy of knowing the HOPE we have in Christ, and the glory that awaits those who call upon the name of Jesus, IS truly an AMAZING grace!!!Thank YOU so much for your faithful prayers for our family and for the notes of encouragement! We do not know what tomorrow holds. Hope has already started to slow down and has had some new concerns today such as being extra drowsy (possibly the increase in her seizure medication yesterday) and temperature regulation issues. . . Hope had cold purple dusky coloured nail bed and fingers/hands for most of morning, and now this afternoon is warm and flushed with bright red cheeks. Her temperature regulation is obviously messed up, but not sure why? Could also be circulation issues or another virus? Whatever tomorrow holds, we know that God will be with us and see us through. May we just keep our eyes fixed on Him and His unchanging character. Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." And follow His command in Matthew 6:33-34 to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness . . . do not worry about tomorrow. . . sufficient are today's troubles. Our faithful God is over every detail!!! That is such amazing hope in a world of uncertainties!!!! Our faith in Christ does not guarantee that we will not have troubles, but His Word guarantees that He is with us through it all. Psalm 46:1 says, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." Trev touched on this verse yesterday in his message and it was amazing food for our souls through the trials of this week, and will continue to strengthen and equip us for the trials yet to come. What a promise that is!!! Our God is FAITHFUL!!!You are so very loved dear faithful friends and family. Thank you, thank YOU for your continued prayers!!! I hope to get some pictures out this week some time and am hoping to build a blog site in the future that will be available to those not on facebook as well as give an overview of the last year of Hope's journey with more pictures. . . all as our good God allows and leads in my time! Much love to you!!! Happy Family Day!!! : )

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  1. So grateful that God has given us all talents to use to help out others. Great idea to have all this in one spot-job well done ladies! :)