Monday, July 15, 2013

School's Out!!! June 21, 2013

This is an old post but I thought I'd still share it. . . 

School finished up towards the end of June.  Bearspaw Christian School held their annual elementary awards night, which we took both our girlies too.  It was a sweet night to thank our dear teachers that have poured into our children over these past months.  Here are a couple pictures and a video from that night. . .

Hope receives a Bible Memory Award from her sweet teacher, Miss Bock!  She was only able to start with memory verse work in the last month or so of school, but she is currently memorizing her weekly verse for Higher Ground Children's Ministry every Sunday morning!  So incredibly thankful that The Lord has restored her ability to hide His Word in her heart!!!

Hope received the award for Courage from her teacher.  Gabriella received the award for a Heart After God.  At the end of each school year, the teachers choose a character award for each student that they have seen demonstrated in them!  So very thankful for God's faithfulness to do a work in our children's lives and hearts!!!

Here is the video of Hope receiving her award.  I love the smile that she gives her sweet teacher, Miss Bock, when she talks to her.  We are so thankful for all the wonderful and loving people that God has surrounded our precious girlies with!!!

We are excited to see what The Lord has in store for Hope's upcoming school year.  She will be going full time starting in the fall, which will be a big transition, but one we are very hopeful will help Hope battle the constant boredom that she struggles with!  The challenges and opportunities that are available through school and the one on one time with her precious EA, Mrs. Kornelson, whom she loves, is a huge blessing in her life, and source of great joy!  For now, we are excited to enjoy the summer break!!!


  1. she looks so happy bless her!

  2. I wasn't able to see this on awards night so I am so grateful that you posted it. I think the teachers know both of your girls so well to give them the character awards they got. What a blessing!