Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 2, 2013 -- "Steely" Determination!!!

We had our sweet little nephews staying with us.  So we took the kids to the local splash park and playground. It was very sweet to watch Gabi push Hope around in the jogger stroller that was given to us by the Woolsey family, and see Hope enjoy a bit of splash park fun. Her temperature regulation is still off as even in the 30+ degree weather (Celsius), she was freezing after just a couple minutes.  So she would come back to her daddy and I, get covered with a towel and warm up. . .

. . . well that was until Miss Smarty Pants discovered the showers on the side of the bathroom building that were heated. She then had Gabi park her under the shower nozzle and then Gabs and our nephews took turns running back to hit the button to turn on the shower again and again!!!

After the splash park, we made a quick stop at the playground and Hope was thrilled to do her first time back on the monkey bars since her brain injury!  She was thrilled!  We were amazed to see how much she remembers the motions needed to do the monkey bars. However you can see how much her brain struggles to coordinate her muscle movements to do what she knows she needs to do.  Also her lack of vision to see where to put her hands is also a huge obstacle.  Strength is definitely not an issue though. . . You can see her big old biceps looking pretty buff! She was able to hold her full body weight a couple of times, with a very watchful daddy always spotting her!  So thankful for the joy she gets from even her severely limited ability to do such activities that she once was able to do so well!  A constant reminder of God's grace and mercy that pours over her on a daily basis!

Just a couple days ago, Hope reminded me of this again in this conversation with Hope.  It was right after Hope had tried to hang from the underside of a descending staircase.  She tried but was not able to do it much at all.  Gabi had been doing it lots all day, so Hope gave it a little try and then afterwards said, "I remember doing that with Gabi at our house mom. . . before my brain injury."  I asked her several questions as we took a few minutes to cuddle on the couch and was humbled and convicted by her responses. . .

Mom:  "Does it make you sad to remember that, Hope?"  (as I'm feeling sad, remembering it too!)
Hope:  "Yes."
Mom:  "Are you sad because you can't do it anymore?"
Hope:  "Yes."
Mom:  "How then are you able to be so content. . ."
Hope smiles!
Mom:  ". . . and even smile like you are now, just after feeling sad that you couldn't do what you used to?"
Hope:  "Because the Lord makes me happy!"
Mom:  "How does He make you happy, Hope?"
Hope:  "He keeps me happy in His Word!"
Mom:  "Do you have a verse that you like the most or encourages you the most when you're sad because you can't do something?"
Hope:  "All of them!"

Lamentations 3:22-24
"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, says my soul, therefore I will hope in him."

Here are some pictures and at the bottom, there is a video!

Getting started!!!

Holding her full body weight!!!  What muscles!!!

Steely determination indeed!!!

Made it to the end!  Woo hoo!!!  Thanks daddy for all the help!!!

Smile says it all!!!  Thank you Lord for this joyful little girl!!!  May You continue to use her life mightily for Your glory and praise!!!



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